GHC – 150

GHC H2 inhalation Devices

Output: 150ml/minute
Convenient: Perfect for Domestic usage
Electrolyzer Technology: PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)
Water Usage: Distilled water
Inhalation Method: Cannula delivery system
Safety Features: Automated shut-off, overheating protection

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Introducing the GHC-150, your personal path to a healthier you! This innovative device harnesses the cutting-edge PEM technology to generate a safe and effective stream of molecular hydrogen (H2) at a comfortable rate of 150ml per minute.

Breathe Easy with Targeted Wellness: Unlike traditional antioxidants that primarily target free radicals outside your cells, hydrogen’s unique property of its minuscule size allows it to penetrate deep within, neutralizing harmful free radicals at their source. Experience superior antioxidant power that surpasses the effects of polyphenols, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E alone.The GHC-150 prioritizes both safety and ease of use. It utilizes a  clean and efficient hydrogen production process, separating hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water for inhalation.  The included cannula ensures precise and comfortable delivery of pure hydrogen to various parts of your body, allowing you to breathe easy and embark on your wellness journey with confidence.

The GHC-150 isn’t just a machine; it’s your partner in proactive health management. Invest in your well-being and breathe your way to a healthier, more vibrant you!


  • Output: 150ml/minute
  • Convenient:Perfect for Domestic usage
  • Electrolyzer Technology:PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)
  • Water Usage:Distilled water
  • Inhalation Method:Cannula delivery system
  • Safety Features:Automated shut-off, overheating protection


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